What if God ran for President.

Would He be able to win, and lead this country, or do you think people wouldn’t give Him a chance?  Remember the song by Joan Osborne? What if God was one of us…….

“If God had a name, what would it be
And would you call it to his face
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question”

It seems no matter which party gets in office they fail to gain the respect of all the people.
Is it even possible to do so?  Does the advancement of technology prevent us from listening to whoever is in power and believing them?

Just 40 years ago, all we had was the radio, TV or newspaper. The media controlled the information given to us.  Now we know everything the President is going to say before it hits the airwaves.  We are all able to instantly connect through handheld internet devices to support or destroy programs before they come up for vote.  I’m not suggesting that we go backwards to the days of “two cans and a string” for communication.  But, is it possible our microwave (want it now) mentality is preventing us from achieving real unity?  Is the agenda more important than the people?

Most people can point to the good and bad of any President.  It has been said that President Clinton did great things for the economy during his years.  OK, maybe he did for some, but my personal experience during his term was utterly devastating.  Back in 1993 we had a family business that employed (up to 50) people which catered to the military.  We developed Hi-tech communications equipment primarily for America’s security.  In July of 93 President Clinton approved the closure of 129 military bases… the rest is history!

I recall it as clear today as when it happened.  People were complaining that he was “weakening our military” and others said “we spend too much on defense.”  Bla bla bla as it went….  I guess it just depended on what side of the line you stood, but we went out of business due to his decision!  What do I think of the Clinton years?  I still remember the looks on the faces of our employees when we broke the news to them and the intense struggle to find employment.  The lives of 50 families changed drastically because someone in power thought what was best for the people.  Yeah, I’m not too fond of those years.  Interestingly in 1998 he found himself in a compromising position that questioned his integrity to tell the truth.  Some said “it’s none of our business what he does in private.”  All I could think during that time was, “if he lied to his wife and the American people, then what about the real reason to shutdown our livelihood.”  Was that a lie also?  It’s a fair question, but sometimes truth is not the foundation for people with power.  I’ve been shaped to believe the person who leads this country is most likely a puppet for the real people in power, the special interest groups that get them elected.  The power seems to sway back and forth depending on the interests of the people.  Though, it would be good to have someone in office with some chutzpah and integrity.

So, if God ran for President, would He have a chance to win, and lead this country? He wouldn’t need money to get elected and couldn’t be swayed by popular opinion, or have to lie to appease people.  Since it is reported that He is the creator, He would know exactly what would be best for our nation and how to harness the resources.  Oh, and what about our enemies… who in their right mind would dare mess with him?

Short of removing free will choice and making us into robots though…. Would people listen to and trust Him, or would He be shredded like cheese?


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