Is that a strange statement?

I just finished reading a fascinating blog post about the “Origin of Hatred” by Katherine Harmon.  It was full of very wise advice from very smart people regarding the cause of hatred.

It was a good read, but I am just not interested in anyone’s view about someone else’s hatred

I am interested in your view about your own hatred.

Do you have the courage to dig deep and be transparent about why or what causes you to erupt when you encounter someone, or a view that is different?

I’ve experienced first hand vicious assaults and did not understand the reason behind them. The person spewing poison kept screaming (after my repeatedly asking why) “BECAUSE YOU ARE A F&@%ING IDIOT!”… Now, honestly, I know I’m not the smartest cookie in the carton, but why hate and be mean to someone that does not seem to match your intelligence or viewpoint?

And to keep it real, I’ll admit that some things in life get me angry too.  But there is a point or a line that we should not cross when it comes to other people…
Ok, now the thought just came to my head that you might think I am saying “I am perfect,” or that we should lock arms and sing “We are the world” with evil people that do horrible things.  No way!  Believe me.  There is a difference between people that do ghastly things to innocent people and those that just hate others because they look, act, or think different.

What about you.  Let’s keep this short and simple… If you hate something or someone… and are brave enough to share why, it would be appreciated.  Just the simple core reason it’s OK to vent anger and hatred against people that are different.



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