Gun control

When something tragic as some person killing people happens, why does society want to blame the item used and not just the killer?

My son was at a nightclub and watched some drunk guy get kicked out of the club.
He said the guy became very angry and drove a car through a crowd of people in the parking lot, killing a man.

Strangely though, we did not hear one peep about the government wanting to protect us by limiting everybody’s access to cars.

The guy that drove the car should be punished to the full extent of the law, but the other safe drivers should not.

Am I missing something here?

We train our young ones to drive responsibly, issue a license to certify they can, and then let them go out into the world with a very dangerous object at their control.  When they go bonkers and use that item in the wrong way to hurt or kill innocent people, why do we not blame the cars as we do guns and their makers?  Is it not a character trait we are dealing with here?

I know, so many questions, but…

Photo from public domain

Is there anyone that really believes the government can (and will) protect you from the bad guy?  Watch this video of what happens when they take your guns.



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