Gun control

When something tragic as some person killing people happens, why does society want to blame the item used and not just the killer?

My son was at a nightclub and watched some drunk guy get kicked out of the club.
He said the guy became very angry and drove a car through a crowd of people in the parking lot, killing a man.

Strangely though, we did not hear one peep about the government wanting to protect us by limiting everybody’s access to cars.

The guy that drove the car should be punished to the full extent of the law, but the other safe drivers should not.

Am I missing something here?

We train our young ones to drive responsibly, issue a license to certify they can, and then let them go out into the world with a very dangerous object at their control.  When they go bonkers and use that item in the wrong way to hurt or kill innocent people, why do we not blame the cars as we do guns and their makers?  Is it not a character trait we are dealing with here?

I know, so many questions, but…

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Is there anyone that really believes the government can (and will) protect you from the bad guy?  Watch this video of what happens when they take your guns.



Ok, so Obama won. Now what?

Do you really think sitting around and complaining is going to do anything for yourself?  It won’t… And may possibly do more harm than good.

Photo by the United States Senate office.

Why is discussing politics and religion so controversial?  Some people don’t seem to believe in either one but can spend so much (negative) energy venting frustrations about them.

Let’s take God (religion) for example.  If He really does exist, then He is outside of our ability to comprehend or understand, beyond what He chooses to reveal about Himself…. Just the nature or description of “God” suggests a “higher” order or being.

So, you make a choice to seek Him and believe what you find, or not… No use complaining that others chose to believe in Him.

Same with politics… don’t you think?  If someone believes in President Obama, (and elects him), what is complaining going to accomplish?  The (election) system does not make sense to me, but I’m not going to allow other people to influence “my thoughts” about it.

Ok, so I have an unfair advantage since I have spent the last 35 years practicing how to control my own mind, and not letting others do so….

Original art by Sascha Schneider

It’s really pretty simple, once you get over yourself.  We tend to be our own worst enemy when it comes to things within us.

Mankind knows very little about the invisible (unseen) properties of our existence, but one thing stands out as true.  We all have the same ability and power “to choose” for ourselves what we think and believe…. So make a choice and quit complaining already.  The best way to stay away from frustration is to make sure other people do not think for you… if it does not work out the way you want, you might start blaming, complaining and get yourself all tweaked over things you can’t control.

Now… enough of my rant… and on to the Obamanator…. Those of you that elected him are feeling pretty good right now.  Those that did not, may be feeling…. not so good.  This is a great opportunity to practice “taking back your mind,” which is one (maybe the only) area that no one has rights to.  If he has you upset beyond your control, then keep reading.

If you have the power, money and control to change things, go ahead, but if you are like me and do not have any influence over anything other than yourself, use “this time” to your full advantage.

It has been proven (to me) that our bodies are designed to function best when calm and peaceful.  It’s not rocket science to know that relaxation allows a better flow of blood and energy throughout our entire bodies.  This promotes healing and rejuvenation that meds just won’t give you.  We actually keep ourselves from peace by our negative thoughts, words and actions.  Once you get control of your thoughts, your body will follow… and yes, I have experienced extreme circumstances, to put into practice what I preach…. The final vote is, Peace is much better than anxiety.

For more details and some tips on how to relax yourself in stressful circumstances, read the our post titled “Do you need (or want) peace that money and fame could never buy?”

Otherwise, he is in office now, so make peace with yourself and stop letting others get you  troubled.

If you want to vent in a useful way by doing enough research to speak the truth about President Obama, then let us know.  We are looking for guest bloggers that know more about politics than we do.

One more thing, there is a profound passage in the Bible (John 14:27) that tells us “Jesus offered us His peace, not as the world gives”…. It’s worth checking out….

Comments, thoughts?

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License to have children?

The idea of a child license has been written about before, but a recent news report of a woman that left her baby in a (120 deg) car struck a nerve.

My wife works for the County Mental Health Dept and sees (first hand) the devastation to minor children at the hands of incompetent parents.  She does not divulge any personal details, but shares the destruction they suffer day after day.

They are most likely born addicted to crack (or some other substance) and then left to fend for themselves while mom goes out and pimps herself… for more crack.

“Where is Dad?”, you ask.  I forgot to mention he is in jail, or there are so many different guys it would be impossible to find out who the father is.

By the time social services steps in, the kids have been imprinted to a life that we can’t even comprehend.

It takes every bit of her skill and training to bring them back to reality and help them decide to become whole again.

It’s completely mind numbing how irresponsibility affects a multitude of people… mostly the victim though.

So…  Here is where it gets Real controversial. 

Yes, we all have rights and a don’t tell me how to live my life attitude, but when it comes to our choices that hurt someone else… small children at that… Is it right to just do as we please when there are consequences waiting to happen for others?

At what point can someone else decide what others can do?

We require people to get a permit for a pet dog.  We train our young ones to pass a test for a driver’s license, but then turn them loose to go make babies in the back seat of the car…  All without any thought or regard for the welfare of whom they produce.

Think about it, if someone passes their driver test and then goes out and crashes, causing horrible devastation to others.  Who is ultimately responsible?  Hopefully the driver is.  They were trained, tested and released to be responsible with their choices.  If they decide to drink and drive or be distracted, it should fall on them.  Sure, there is compassion for true accidents…and should be, but… what if they are repeat offenders?  They go steal a car and do it all over again.  What then?

The same should go for people that destroy their children though neglect or outright abuse.  Did they ever get tested  to see if they can handle the responsibility?  Why should the system take the burden?  Even mentioning this gives me chills.

On one hand, having an agency test and decide whether a person is qualified to parent is a scary thought.  Who needs more big brother telling us what to do?

On the other hand, would it be wise to require prospective parents to pass some kind of class or test for the right to produce a baby, and then impose limitations or consequences if they don’t meet an acceptable standard of care?

 Wow! This is like discussing gun control.  Regulations that limit even the good people, but the criminals will still get them and do bad stuff.

It is sad enough when people do harmful things to themselves, but who will defend the innocent?  At what point does society stand up and say enough!

It’s hard to picture the nightmare of having some sort of sex police come into people’s lives to see what they are up to.  Abortion certainly is not the answer either.  Imagine sending the message…

Go have irresponsible sex and then (let the government) kill your children since we don’t want to raise them either.

Sheez… this is getting harder to write about with each typed character.  It makes me want to vomit,  hit the delete key and go watch a movie instead…

Maybe the reason it is what it is… is, this topic is so large and touches so many deep nerves that even the smartest minds can’t comprehend it… I certainly can’t.
What about you?

Do we license parents to have children?