Gun control

When something tragic as some person killing people happens, why does society want to blame the item used and not just the killer?

My son was at a nightclub and watched some drunk guy get kicked out of the club.
He said the guy became very angry and drove a car through a crowd of people in the parking lot, killing a man.

Strangely though, we did not hear one peep about the government wanting to protect us by limiting everybody’s access to cars.

The guy that drove the car should be punished to the full extent of the law, but the other safe drivers should not.

Am I missing something here?

We train our young ones to drive responsibly, issue a license to certify they can, and then let them go out into the world with a very dangerous object at their control.  When they go bonkers and use that item in the wrong way to hurt or kill innocent people, why do we not blame the cars as we do guns and their makers?  Is it not a character trait we are dealing with here?

I know, so many questions, but…

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Is there anyone that really believes the government can (and will) protect you from the bad guy?  Watch this video of what happens when they take your guns.



Ok, so Obama won. Now what?

Do you really think sitting around and complaining is going to do anything for yourself?  It won’t… And may possibly do more harm than good.

Photo by the United States Senate office.

Why is discussing politics and religion so controversial?  Some people don’t seem to believe in either one but can spend so much (negative) energy venting frustrations about them.

Let’s take God (religion) for example.  If He really does exist, then He is outside of our ability to comprehend or understand, beyond what He chooses to reveal about Himself…. Just the nature or description of “God” suggests a “higher” order or being.

So, you make a choice to seek Him and believe what you find, or not… No use complaining that others chose to believe in Him.

Same with politics… don’t you think?  If someone believes in President Obama, (and elects him), what is complaining going to accomplish?  The (election) system does not make sense to me, but I’m not going to allow other people to influence “my thoughts” about it.

Ok, so I have an unfair advantage since I have spent the last 35 years practicing how to control my own mind, and not letting others do so….

Original art by Sascha Schneider

It’s really pretty simple, once you get over yourself.  We tend to be our own worst enemy when it comes to things within us.

Mankind knows very little about the invisible (unseen) properties of our existence, but one thing stands out as true.  We all have the same ability and power “to choose” for ourselves what we think and believe…. So make a choice and quit complaining already.  The best way to stay away from frustration is to make sure other people do not think for you… if it does not work out the way you want, you might start blaming, complaining and get yourself all tweaked over things you can’t control.

Now… enough of my rant… and on to the Obamanator…. Those of you that elected him are feeling pretty good right now.  Those that did not, may be feeling…. not so good.  This is a great opportunity to practice “taking back your mind,” which is one (maybe the only) area that no one has rights to.  If he has you upset beyond your control, then keep reading.

If you have the power, money and control to change things, go ahead, but if you are like me and do not have any influence over anything other than yourself, use “this time” to your full advantage.

It has been proven (to me) that our bodies are designed to function best when calm and peaceful.  It’s not rocket science to know that relaxation allows a better flow of blood and energy throughout our entire bodies.  This promotes healing and rejuvenation that meds just won’t give you.  We actually keep ourselves from peace by our negative thoughts, words and actions.  Once you get control of your thoughts, your body will follow… and yes, I have experienced extreme circumstances, to put into practice what I preach…. The final vote is, Peace is much better than anxiety.

For more details and some tips on how to relax yourself in stressful circumstances, read the our post titled “Do you need (or want) peace that money and fame could never buy?”

Otherwise, he is in office now, so make peace with yourself and stop letting others get you  troubled.

If you want to vent in a useful way by doing enough research to speak the truth about President Obama, then let us know.  We are looking for guest bloggers that know more about politics than we do.

One more thing, there is a profound passage in the Bible (John 14:27) that tells us “Jesus offered us His peace, not as the world gives”…. It’s worth checking out….

Comments, thoughts?

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License to have children?

The idea of a child license has been written about before, but a recent news report of a woman that left her baby in a (120 deg) car struck a nerve.

My wife works for the County Mental Health Dept and sees (first hand) the devastation to minor children at the hands of incompetent parents.  She does not divulge any personal details, but shares the destruction they suffer day after day.

They are most likely born addicted to crack (or some other substance) and then left to fend for themselves while mom goes out and pimps herself… for more crack.

“Where is Dad?”, you ask.  I forgot to mention he is in jail, or there are so many different guys it would be impossible to find out who the father is.

By the time social services steps in, the kids have been imprinted to a life that we can’t even comprehend.

It takes every bit of her skill and training to bring them back to reality and help them decide to become whole again.

It’s completely mind numbing how irresponsibility affects a multitude of people… mostly the victim though.

So…  Here is where it gets Real controversial. 

Yes, we all have rights and a don’t tell me how to live my life attitude, but when it comes to our choices that hurt someone else… small children at that… Is it right to just do as we please when there are consequences waiting to happen for others?

At what point can someone else decide what others can do?

We require people to get a permit for a pet dog.  We train our young ones to pass a test for a driver’s license, but then turn them loose to go make babies in the back seat of the car…  All without any thought or regard for the welfare of whom they produce.

Think about it, if someone passes their driver test and then goes out and crashes, causing horrible devastation to others.  Who is ultimately responsible?  Hopefully the driver is.  They were trained, tested and released to be responsible with their choices.  If they decide to drink and drive or be distracted, it should fall on them.  Sure, there is compassion for true accidents…and should be, but… what if they are repeat offenders?  They go steal a car and do it all over again.  What then?

The same should go for people that destroy their children though neglect or outright abuse.  Did they ever get tested  to see if they can handle the responsibility?  Why should the system take the burden?  Even mentioning this gives me chills.

On one hand, having an agency test and decide whether a person is qualified to parent is a scary thought.  Who needs more big brother telling us what to do?

On the other hand, would it be wise to require prospective parents to pass some kind of class or test for the right to produce a baby, and then impose limitations or consequences if they don’t meet an acceptable standard of care?

 Wow! This is like discussing gun control.  Regulations that limit even the good people, but the criminals will still get them and do bad stuff.

It is sad enough when people do harmful things to themselves, but who will defend the innocent?  At what point does society stand up and say enough!

It’s hard to picture the nightmare of having some sort of sex police come into people’s lives to see what they are up to.  Abortion certainly is not the answer either.  Imagine sending the message…

Go have irresponsible sex and then (let the government) kill your children since we don’t want to raise them either.

Sheez… this is getting harder to write about with each typed character.  It makes me want to vomit,  hit the delete key and go watch a movie instead…

Maybe the reason it is what it is… is, this topic is so large and touches so many deep nerves that even the smartest minds can’t comprehend it… I certainly can’t.
What about you?

Do we license parents to have children?

Do you need (or want) peace that money and fame could never buy?

Read this if you suffer from anxiety.  There are some things in life that just can’t be obtained with all the money in the world… Peace is one of them, and maybe the most important one at that.

How do I know this? Because, I have received it in the most distressing of times and not through wealth or power.

If you think about it, sickness and death is our real enemy during this lifetime.  It does not care what gender, color, race, language or religious preference you are.  It just indiscriminately moves too and fro claiming it’s next victim.
So how is it possible to have peace in your heart and soul when the unthinkable comes to visit?

If you want to find out… keep reading… this will be the hardest easy thing you will ever do from this point forward in your life.  The benefits absolutely outweigh the effort.

By the way, I’m not going to lead you down some trail and get you all excited then ask you to send me money for…. “the secret.”  Nope, if you have a need for peace in your life, then it’s free to you. Just be courageous with an open mind.

One of the reasons there is so much “angst” in people these days is because of the expectations we hold. People (maybe you too) have built expectations for everyone and everything around you. You become upset or anxious when things don’t work out according to your plan.  Do you lead your thoughts, or do they lead you?

The first step in our journey is to acknowledge that you are not God!  I know I know that is a tough pill to swallow, but last time I checked, they weren’t taking any applications in Heaven for that position…. It seems to be filled already.

Now I certainly don’t want to offend my atheist friends, so let’s just start with the idea that whatever you believe has to be your foundation of life. Whether you believe in God or not, it is the place you go for your own absolute truth.

“Believing in something you can never prove, isn’t that faith?”

So let’s let “faith” be our friend.  Anxiety comes with uncertainty like holidays, job interviews, dates, speaking engagements, tiling the bathroom floor…. and yes, more so with sickness and death.

I have been with people in their last moments of life and seen a stark difference of peace connected to their faith.

When we can’t control the outcome or meet self imposed expectations, it’s possible for anxiety or maybe even anger to rule within us.  It does not need to be that way!  You have a voice in this.

It was Jesus who said “My peace I give to you, not as the world gives.”  He made a distinction between what the world gives and what He offers.

Here is the actual definition in the Strong’s concordance:

Strongs Greek 1515 eirḗnē (from eirō, “to join, tie together into a whole”) – properly, wholeness, i.e. when all essential parts are joined together; peace (God’s gift of wholeness).

When my kids were very young it seems they did not worry about anything.  They laughed, played were fed and knew peace in the house. What more could they ask for?  It wasn’t until later that the demands of life (or this world) crept in and instilled worry and anxiety.  Up until then everything was fine and dandy.  How did it change for you?

When Jesus said… 
“My peace (or wholeness) I give to you, not as the world gives.”  What was He saying?
Two things… First, it is possible to be restored to wholeness and second, this world will fragment you…. if you let it.

Imagine some very rich person offering you 20 million dollars. Just let that sink in for a second. He wrote a check with your name on it, and is holding it out for you to accept. You would have to decide if you wanted it, then get up, walk over and reach out to take it from him… Right?  I mean, you would have to do something in order to get the money into your bank account.  What if you did not like the rich person or believe he was really legit in his offer.  Would that influence whether you accepted his check or not, and let his offer change your life?

Same thing with the offer of peace (or wholeness).  You need to believe and accept it… You need to believe and accept Him who offers it. In all fairness, I did mention this will be the “hardest easy thing you have ever done.”  Peace comes from Jesus… Period!  You just read the hard part.   The easy part follows…

I’m so confident in the peace He gave me during my battle with cancer that I’m going to do something crazy…. This will work for those who truly want to replace anxiety with peace, but may not with the doubters and negative minded people.

Anyway, God designed your body to relax naturally. You actually keep yourself from relaxation… (or the world does).  Notice your breathing and what happens when you exhale. You will relax as your breath comes out. This may sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but just try it first before you judge.

In a moment we will start leading your body, mind and soul down a path of relaxation by counting from 10 down to 1.
The most important thing to do, is count on each exhale.  Don’t force the count; just let it flow each time you let your breath out.  What begins happening right away is your lungs, chest, neck and shoulders will start relaxing.  Each time you cycle a ten count, your body and mind will relax deeper.

Go ahead and do this.  It’s OK to read it as you go, but once you know the routine, you can close your eyes and achieve more profound levels of relaxation.

Anyway, get comfortable and say the “numbers” in your mind, “10” while letting out an exhale, “9” let your breath flow out nice and natural, “8” let it flow out slowly again, “7” draw in a deep breath and, relax as you exhale, “6” relax deeper with each exhale, “5” let your lungs and heart rate become normal, “4” let your body relax, “3” relax deeper, “2” relax even deeper, “1” relaxation, peace and wholeness is yours.
Try it again and remember not to force the count, just say the numbers each time you naturally exhale.  Practice it each night you go to sleep.

Whenever you are faced with anxiety producing information, make a choice to find a semi-quiet place and let your body return to wholeness… that which God designed and offered you.
Remember… It’s all in your heart, and you do have a say.


Is that a strange statement?

I just finished reading a fascinating blog post about the “Origin of Hatred” by Katherine Harmon.  It was full of very wise advice from very smart people regarding the cause of hatred.

It was a good read, but I am just not interested in anyone’s view about someone else’s hatred

I am interested in your view about your own hatred.

Do you have the courage to dig deep and be transparent about why or what causes you to erupt when you encounter someone, or a view that is different?

I’ve experienced first hand vicious assaults and did not understand the reason behind them. The person spewing poison kept screaming (after my repeatedly asking why) “BECAUSE YOU ARE A F&@%ING IDIOT!”… Now, honestly, I know I’m not the smartest cookie in the carton, but why hate and be mean to someone that does not seem to match your intelligence or viewpoint?

And to keep it real, I’ll admit that some things in life get me angry too.  But there is a point or a line that we should not cross when it comes to other people…
Ok, now the thought just came to my head that you might think I am saying “I am perfect,” or that we should lock arms and sing “We are the world” with evil people that do horrible things.  No way!  Believe me.  There is a difference between people that do ghastly things to innocent people and those that just hate others because they look, act, or think different.

What about you.  Let’s keep this short and simple… If you hate something or someone… and are brave enough to share why, it would be appreciated.  Just the simple core reason it’s OK to vent anger and hatred against people that are different.



What is holding you back?

No judgment here, just wondering if you have ever participated in the proverbial definition of “insanity”… you know… repeating the same thing over and expecting different results. Any takers?

One thing my wife and I enjoy is “people watching.” No, we are not stalkers; we just realize how normal we are by observing people navigating this fascinating world. Is that a fair statement that we are normal based on other people? Interestingly that thought process happens all the time.

A young man told me (the other day) that he feels different depending on how people accept (or reject) him. Can people really change our feelings? What if it was possible to minimize the effects others have on you, would you be interested in learning how to accomplish that?

Disclaimer: This post is regarding general discussion and not meant for an abusive circumstance. If you are experiencing abuse that causes concern for your safety, then it would be wise to seek help through your local law enforcement agency.

We have three hummingbird feeders at our house and get to see constant activity of many tiny delicate creatures buzzing to and fro. It was quite surprising (at first) to see a system of hierarchy within these little birds. Even though we provide the sugar water free of charge, it does not take long for one of them to dominate the others and control who gets to eat and who does not. It’s amazing that something so small can be so fierce. Do the feeble ones contemplate why they are getting chased away, or do they just go find a feeder they are welcomed at?

In time, people will show who they really are, and its a lot easier to see them when they reveal the truth. Even if they chase you away from the feeder. If they behave respectfully, then they deserve the same respect in return, but if they are… as Forest Gump said “stupid is as stupid does.” Well then, you just don’t need to throw yourself into the mix with them.

Society will at times attempt to make you walk on pins and needles if you are out of the norm, or if you happen to have a different viewpoint. The crazy thing is, the only power they have is what we give them. “Oh, I want to be accepted and loved, so yes, I’ll believe what you believe and do what you want me to do.” Or maybe its motivated by fear. Either way, its just not right.

Differing opinions are very good, but the attempt for people to try and control others is very bad… Last time I checked, we were all given the same free will as the next guy. I protect mine with everything I have and will continue to do so until the day I leave this earth.

So back to the question… If you could minimize (or remove) the effects others have on you, would you want to do it?

If so, here is the secret… but you will need to pay close attention and not jump to any misunderstandings.

There is a passage in the bible (the greatest commandment) that reads, “We are to love God with all we have, and to love others as ourselves.” (Matthew 22:37-39 paraphrased). Did you catch that little nugget? “Love others as ourselves.” It says we are to love ourselves, so that we can love others… not the other way around. Don’t base your self-worth on what others think, or they will have control over you.

If you give up your mind, then you cease to exist… yeah, maybe your body is still alive, but you are not functioning the way you were meant to. Your soul is here to soar, to live, to love and explore. Never let anyone convince you that you are good or bad. Ironically sometimes people can use compliments for manipulation too, so be aware of that as well. Your uniqueness is yours alone.  Whether you are loved or hated…. You are!

What do people typically fight about anyway, is it unmet expectations? There is always an exception to this, but think about the last time you were mad at someone… Was it because you did not get your way, or they did not get theirs?

We are what we think, and have the power to choose what that is. This should give us hope for a better tomorrow.

Thoughts, comments?


Is freedom really free, or is it paid for?

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?

In some ways that day changed everything in the entire world, and watching it unfold on live TV was completely unforgettable.

Young boys from our own community joined the “war on terror” campaign and came back changed men…  some for the worst.  My oldest son was one of them. He joined the Marines in ‘03 and came back with his own tale to tell, which isn’t completely pretty.

He reported that one of the things the insurgents did in Iraq was create fear in the communities which they wanted to control.  My son said the local people were very happy to see the Marines out patrolling.  He kept asking us to send coloring books and gifts for the kids, and said it helped ease the (little ones) fears when they would storm a house in pursuit of the enemy.  He definitely had a heart for the less fortunate, but was a vicious warrior when the time called for it.

One particular night his crew was out keeping an area clear while waiting for the bomb squad (EOD) to show up and disarm an improvised explosive device (IED).  He said even though it was very late (1AM) and people were not normally out, it was a very tense operation.  They were “sitting ducks” as he put it. The safest thing they could do was to keep moving, but they had to wait for the EOD.  All of a sudden through their night vision goggles, they saw 5 people walking towards them from a considerable distance.  The people were carrying things that could have been weapons, so his crew asked him if they could “engage them” (start shooting).  My son said “No, not until we can identify clearly what their intentions are.”  He said that was the scariest position he was ever in.  Being in a firefight with the enemy had a certain level of adrenaline, but he did not want to lose any of his crew by being “too safe.”  He also would have been equally troubled if they killed innocent people.

Anyway, back to the drama…  He said the people kept moving towards them (the locals knew not to do this) and they were definitely carrying things in their hands, which led him to believe they were insurgents sneaking up on them.  The darkness made it impossible to clearly identify what the items were.  As they came closer, his crew became increasingly concerned for their own safety.

With their fully automatic weapons locked and loaded… and their night vision scopes trained on the people for an instant kill, they asked him repeatedly for permission to engage them.  He held off to the last second then determined they were not hostile.  They happened to be a local family that saw the Marines out in the dark and wanted to bring them food.  They cooked a meal and packed it up to carry to the soldiers, as a way of saying thank you.  My son said the intense pressure to make the right choice was “mind numbing.”

Everything in life has risks and rewards, but how far will you go for freedom?  Also, what is freedom anyway?

If you give up your personal freedom to liberate someone else, where does your independence begin and end?  How does one really make a decision to “die for their country?”

I’m fascinated by the courage of people (military and civilian) that can put themselves in harm’s way for people they do not know.  It’s one thing to protect your family from an intruder in your home (not a problem for me), but to fly half way around the world and engage an enemy just boggles my mind.  I’m not making a statement in support for or  against the war.  I was just able to see (and experience) first hand the price my son paid to go.  Personally, I do wonder if it was worth it.

He lost three of his friends (crew) when his vehicle hit a double stacked anti tank mine and was blown to bits He happened to not be in the vehicle that night, because he offered his seat to another Marine that was sick and scheduled to go out on a foot patrol.  He took the foot patrol campaign so his friend could get (much needed) rest.  Even though it was much more dangerous to go “kicking in doors” than to ride in a vehicle, that decision ended up saving his life…  but brought torment to his soul…

The anger and drinking when he returned (from Iraq) seemed to swell as the trauma was exiting him… it was so tough to watch him go through the hardships and took many years to get better.  Yes, he definitely paid a price for the freedom of others.

Interestingly some people take their freedom for granted or may have lived under oppression for so long they can’t really understand what it is…  Or how to live it.  But it does still exist.

I’m captivated by the invisible attributes of life…  If you ask any person to show you a part of their body like their eyes or nose, they would be able to point to them.  What if you asked to see their soul?  What would it look like and how would they show you?

My bride and I saw a quote from CS Lewis the other day that read “You don’t have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body.”  Think about that for a bit…  Why do they refer to us on airplanes and ships as “souls on board?”

Could a person be locked up in prison for life and experience freedom?  And conversely, are there people walking around today with massive amounts of money and intelligence that are not free?

Even though September 11, 2001 opened doors and dialog regarding freedom…  There are people all around, I would consider “not free.”  Call me crazy, and I may be dumber than a box of chocolates, but I received my freedom during my battle with cancer this last year.  The horrific suffering produced a change within me that allows a free life like never before.  People have often heard me say “I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, but I’m glad I went through it.”   I live every moment to the fullest.”  Do you live to your fullest, and are you really free?  If not, what is stopping you?

The military, police, firemen and all the other agencies that put themselves in harm’s way to protect us are great,  but freedom is really an inside job….

“Liberty is the right to choose, freedom is the result of that choice”
-Unknown Source-


What if God ran for President.

Would He be able to win, and lead this country, or do you think people wouldn’t give Him a chance?  Remember the song by Joan Osborne? What if God was one of us…….

“If God had a name, what would it be
And would you call it to his face
If you were faced with him in all his glory
What would you ask if you had just one question”

It seems no matter which party gets in office they fail to gain the respect of all the people.
Is it even possible to do so?  Does the advancement of technology prevent us from listening to whoever is in power and believing them?

Just 40 years ago, all we had was the radio, TV or newspaper. The media controlled the information given to us.  Now we know everything the President is going to say before it hits the airwaves.  We are all able to instantly connect through handheld internet devices to support or destroy programs before they come up for vote.  I’m not suggesting that we go backwards to the days of “two cans and a string” for communication.  But, is it possible our microwave (want it now) mentality is preventing us from achieving real unity?  Is the agenda more important than the people?

Most people can point to the good and bad of any President.  It has been said that President Clinton did great things for the economy during his years.  OK, maybe he did for some, but my personal experience during his term was utterly devastating.  Back in 1993 we had a family business that employed (up to 50) people which catered to the military.  We developed Hi-tech communications equipment primarily for America’s security.  In July of 93 President Clinton approved the closure of 129 military bases… the rest is history!

I recall it as clear today as when it happened.  People were complaining that he was “weakening our military” and others said “we spend too much on defense.”  Bla bla bla as it went….  I guess it just depended on what side of the line you stood, but we went out of business due to his decision!  What do I think of the Clinton years?  I still remember the looks on the faces of our employees when we broke the news to them and the intense struggle to find employment.  The lives of 50 families changed drastically because someone in power thought what was best for the people.  Yeah, I’m not too fond of those years.  Interestingly in 1998 he found himself in a compromising position that questioned his integrity to tell the truth.  Some said “it’s none of our business what he does in private.”  All I could think during that time was, “if he lied to his wife and the American people, then what about the real reason to shutdown our livelihood.”  Was that a lie also?  It’s a fair question, but sometimes truth is not the foundation for people with power.  I’ve been shaped to believe the person who leads this country is most likely a puppet for the real people in power, the special interest groups that get them elected.  The power seems to sway back and forth depending on the interests of the people.  Though, it would be good to have someone in office with some chutzpah and integrity.

So, if God ran for President, would He have a chance to win, and lead this country? He wouldn’t need money to get elected and couldn’t be swayed by popular opinion, or have to lie to appease people.  Since it is reported that He is the creator, He would know exactly what would be best for our nation and how to harness the resources.  Oh, and what about our enemies… who in their right mind would dare mess with him?

Short of removing free will choice and making us into robots though…. Would people listen to and trust Him, or would He be shredded like cheese?